My second exclusive collaboration with Saskia Marjoram of Saskia's Flower Essences. An essential and affordable present for everyone. Brilliant for men and teenagers too.

FEEL the LOVE welcomes in some long overdue playfulness, helps you get ready to get back on that dance floor and come fully back to life. For feeling connected to the universe, supported, healed and unashamedly in the mood for love. 

This essence has been designed to help you feel love, be loved and accept love in all of it's forms. Enjoy

I fully recommend Saskia's Essences to you all and the subtle but powerful efficacy of these drops.

Saskia Marjoram, formerly the Prince of Wales’s florist has been making essences for nearly 20 years. With increased awareness of mental health and natural remedies flower essences are really starting to come into their own. 

The intention behind FEEL the LOVE is serious 💪. 


FYI this essence is taken orally - it is not an essential oil!


Here are the flower essences in FEEL the LOVE below;

 Potentilla = Loving yourself exactly as you are

 Cowslip = Joy, nurturing, playfulness 

 Dicentra = Healing your heart and feeling safe enough to love

 Wild Garlic = Feeling all of the Love from The Universe

 Wild Rose = Coming fully back to life 

 Wisteria = Feeling able to be seen, help with not feeling vulnerable


Saskia's website is a great resource for further information https://www.saskiasfloweressences.com/


FEEL the LOVE Combination Essence


    FYI this essence is taken orally - it is not an essential oil!

    Place seven drops under the tongue when needed. 

    Spring water (60%) 

    Organic Vodka (40%)

    Energy imprint of; Potentilla, Cowslip, Dicentra,Wild Garlic, Wild Rose & Wisteria


  • The combination essence price of £15.85 includes free 1st class postage within the UK.