A deeply romantic and mysterious scent inspired by the goddess Venus.  She was often depicted, surrounded by roses and myrtle to symbolise love and purity.

Venus Oud contains a touch of myrtle as its top note with rose, ylang ylang and rosewood at its heart. at its base, the warming and balancing notes of frankincense combine with the mysterious, woody oud, called by the bhudda ‘the scent of nirvana’.


Venus Oud’s creator is Victoria Ogilvy, a Somerset based perfumer, who works with traditional, natural methods of scent making, without the use of synthetic fixatives. 


These heavenly oils inspire pure love and sensuality combining to create a scent that uplifts the spirits and infuses confidence.


This natural essence is carried in a base of jojoba oil, in a 10 ml glass roll on bottle, in a red velvet pouch with a full description of the ingredients. Venus Oud can be easily applied to the pulse points .


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Venus Oud Perfume Oil